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Here are some pictures of how this was put together. I won't give out any measurements for it because I don't want to put NextGen out of business, just get the book. Since my stand wasn't aluminum I couldn't weld it. So I bolted it together. Pretty smart, huh.


    You can see where I cut it apart in this one

    All the parts of the stand

    Fresh cut gen stand

    Holder block with bolts installed

    Tapping the holder block for the stand

    Shows where the bolts are

    Stand being bolted together in vice

    Clean unattached gen stand

    Alt/gen stand from the back, back because it is closed to the rear of the car. (should have turned the flash off)

    This is the alt/gen stand from the front. (too much flash here too)

    Stand from the left.

    Stand from the left. I used a couple pieces of aluminum angle and some screws to attach the oil filler. (sealed with some gasket goop).

    Finished Alt stand.