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Engine Tin


    Modifying the T1 oil cooler exhaust tin

    Same as above, but from the inside

    Folded and welded exhaust tin

    Same as above, but from the inside

    Old hose outlet from fan shroud welded to the tin

    Installed on the fan shroud


This shows my first try at making the upper cylinder tin. I got this idea from Nate's page. If you can't see what I'm doing here, I have the fan shroud bolted to the alternator and that is on the stand. I then took some paper and trimmed it to fit exactly onto the shroud and upper tin.

    This is some of the tin that wraps around the cylinders.

    Starting to fit the upper tin together, the crappy looking piece is from some upper T1 stuff

    Same thing, different angle

    Piece welded together, and insides cut out

    Welded and showing fit with offset on engine

    Showing fan shroud fit from front

    Same thing but from the rear