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    Showing the seating area, it doesn't look smooth but it is

    Showing the triangle flange

    Showing the F-pipe from the side

    The two head pipes from the bottom

    The two F-pipes installed, I've turned them around since this picture was taken

    What I had to do to get the thermostat to fit without touching the header

    The J-tubes that I had made to fit the Harley mufflers that I'm planning on using

    The flange on the J-tube, this allows me to put the mufflers at any angle I want

Exhaust Redo Left Here is the redo of the left exhaust pipe that I had made. The right one is below.

Exhaust redo right

Here are some pics of the muffler mounting bar. I'm also thinking about using it as a rear engine support. I'll have to think abou that though.

Here are some pics of the original way that I had the exhaust set up. (Don't do this, it won't run right)

I found out the hard way that a split exhaust doesn't work, it forces the engine to run really rich (lots of problems, bad gas mileage). So I needed to join the two sides together. So I cut an extra muffler down and welded up a Y. It seems to work great, now I can figure out my jetting.