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    If you haven't, it might be a good idea to look at the tear down page first. This one picks up where that one left off. After I took everything apart and got the parts cleaned, I took what I needed to the machine shop. Which included the flywheel and rear pulley (I think). To the flywheel, they enlarged the hole in the middle and pressed in a bearing that the transmission input shaft rides in. On the rear pulley they enlarged the hole in the middle to fit over the end of the crankshaft, they also drilled the holes for the bolts and the pin. You can do this like in the book or you can do like I did and align the keyways so the degreed pulley will work properly. I saw this on Nate's Tech Pages. They also have to turn the hub on the rear of the pulley down. 

    While I was waiting for this I had ordered my new cam and lifters from The cam was from WebCam, grind number 86. The cam gear bolted to this, but had to be clearanced to fit with the oil pump. Next I gave the crank and rods to my local place and they made sure everything was in order and sent them back. After that was done I got them to balance everything for me, should be great. Now that I had everything back I started to put the case together. I put new bearings in and got everything in it's place, making sure to line the cam and crank up correctly. With that in I put the case back together and torqued it down. 

    Next I bought some new pistons and cylinders. These were 96mm instead of the stock 94. This bumped the size of the motor up to a 2056cc, these went on next. While I was doing this, my heads had been sent to my local place to check them out. What had happened with them was that the heads had cracked and the valve seats had dropped in one of them. So I had them rebuild me some 1.8L heads. According to some of the sites these are better than the bus heads, but the Porsche heads (3 stud) are the best, expensive though. These went on next. I then tested to see if the cam had changed the lift enough to make me shorten my pushrods, it didn't. So I put the lifters, pushrod tubes, pushrods, rocker arms, and valve covers on.     

    The next thing to go on was the flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, and rear pulley. I also put the holder for the oil filter on. One of the things about the T4 is that the oil cooler is horizontal on the rear of the engine. This will be moved up into the fan shroud later on. So to block off where it was you need a regular remote oil cooler plate, you should be able to get it from your regular parts place. Bolt this onto where the cooler was. Next you will need to put some hose barbs onto the plate. It doesn't matter how you  face them as long as they are sealed good. 

    As you can see from the pictures I've got the engine together and running. I'm still tweaking it and messing with the exhaust, that seems to be causing all of my problems. It seems that it isn't a good idea to split the exhaust into two separate sides, so now I'm combining them into one pipe and routing it to the side probably. When I figure out what I"m going to be doing / have done I'll put something up here, hopefully with pictures.