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Tear Down

    When I first got the motor, it was really dirty and greasy. The first thing I did was to take off all the tin that was left on it. I stashed this in the attic and went to work on the main parts. The motor came apart fairly easy. The hardest part was getting the stuck cylinders out of the heads. The mistake that I made on my first engine was that I didn't crack the case, I didn't make the same mistake this time.

    Once I had everything apart and inspected I found that the bearings were really worn and crappy. The heads were cracked by the valves, and a lot of the fins on the cylinders were broken off. I pressure washed the case and cleaned most of the parts that I was not going to have worked on. I then sent everything to get machined or balanced.

    That's about it for the teardown. I may add stuff later when I think of it. Go look at the rebuild page if you want to.