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Past History


11-12-05 - I've been painting and putting some of the tin together, it's starting to look pretty good. I've also mostly finished the exhaust system too. Check out the new pictures in the Fanshroud and Exhaust section.

11-1-2005 - Another update. I've smoothed some of the tin out with bondo and gotten rid of some of the rust too. I've also started painting the stuff. I'll try to get some pictures up here in a few days.

10-4-05 - Just a little update here. I've started taking the tin off so I can paint/powdercoat it. I'm also starting to work on the exhaust system to see how that is going to fit. I'll try to keep ya' posted on events better.


8-4-05 - I haven't updated in a while but I have been doing stuff. As of late, I've gotten the engine to idle pretty good, it wasn't before because of a vacuum leak. I've also started to tune it and check it over. It seems to be running great, I'll know more once I get it set and can do some test on it. With any luck I'll have it in the bug within the next month or two. I still need to look into getting a trans brace so I don't tear that up, I'm thinking about making one since we've got a welder. I'll let you know what happens.


6-5-05 - I'VE GOT IT RUNNING! Kind of. I still need to get the thing going good. It ran for a few seconds before the linkage fell apart. I've adjusted it and it seems to work good now. I'm going to clean the idle jets and see if that helps with anything. I'll let you know what happens.


5-19-05 - I've gotten the fuel pump and have gotten the engine ready for a test run. I just need to check everything over now, I'll let you know how it goes.

5-8-05 - Just a little update here. I've ordered a fuel pump from CB-Performance, it should be here in a few days. After that I should be able to start the engine for the first time and break it in. I'll let you know how it goes.

4-2-05 - I've gotten almost everything done before I can test run and break in my engine. All I need to do is to get the fuel pump and make sure that everything is on how it's supposed to be.


3-22-05 - I've modified the exhaust tubes that I had made to get them to have a tighter radius, I also made them to point straight out. They were a little off to begin with. I have some pictures up of this in the exhaust section.

3-20-2005 - Sorry for the long break in the history. What's happened since the last update is that I have fitted the engine in the other bug that we have and put all the stuff on it to see if it fits and if there are any other problems that I need to fix. It looks really good in there, can't wait till it's painted/powdercoated. There are only a few more things that I need to do. I've also gotten some new  pictures up, and hopefully some more on the way. Look in the Going Together section.


9-29-04 - I've gotten a few things done since the last update. This includes getting a fan belt that fits (930mm), finishing the upper cylinder tin. Modifying the right cooling flap, attached the coil, and changed the fuel inlet on the one carb. Should be getting  more stuff done soon.

9-16-04 - I've put up some new pictures for those that are interested. Look in the exhaust and engine tin sections.

9-4-04 - I've almost finished the dipstick holder, I just need to measure how long it needs to be so it measures right. I've been getting ready for the hurricane so I haven't gotten much done lately. 


8-12-04 - I got the carb tops that I ordered from CB Performance, they are awesome. I also made the thermostat rod, it looks good too.

8-10-04 - The upper cylinder tin is Finished! All the holes are sealed and the welds are ground pretty smooth. It looks great.

8-3-04 - I have the rest of my exhaust made now. What I'm going to do is have the head pipes exit to the front of the car and have the U-piece I had made loop to the rear with the mufflers on that. Oh yea, there are some new pictures up too.


7-28-04 - I got the exhaust tin for the oil cooler modified. It looks really good and should work well.

7-25-04 - Just to update everyone. I have the right upper cylinder tin basically finished. I'm working on the left side right now. I used part of the old T1 tin and a 1 & 3 side from a T4. They are looking good and should work great. After I finish these I need to complete the dipstick holder, exhaust, the tin under the heads, exhaust ducting for the oil cooler, and a couple other little things. 

7-24-04 - My uncle gave me some mufflers from his Harley that I might use in my conversion. I'll let you know what happens with these.

7-19-04 - I just scored some cheap exhaust parts for my conversion. They are the down pipes from an oval port bus. They look to be in really good shape, I just needed to bend them a very small amount to get them to fit. I hope to have some new pictures up soon too. It'll be a record if I get them up this fast.


6-22-04 - I FINALLY have some new pictures up on this site. So go check them out. 

6-12-04 - I have the fan shroud modified and ready for use. Extended the oil cooler, and cut the shroud so I could install the cooling flaps.


5-27-04 - I got the Scat shroud yesterday from It looks to be great quality. Today I modified the doghouse cooler section of the thing to accept the T4 oil cooler. Just need to weld it now. I'll try to get some new pics up here soon.


4-28-04 - I have the thermostat bracket finished now. It looks good, should work great. 

4-24-04 - I've got the gen/alt stand completed and ready for use! It looks great and should hold up real well. Since it wasn't aluminum I had to bolt everything together. I also have pictures of it up. Need to scan the rest though. 


3-18-04 - It's been a while since I updated so I'm letting you know what's going on. I have ordered and received the manifolds and linkage from CB Performance. It is great quality and looks like it will work great. If you need that stuff you should check them out. 


2-20-04 - I have just ordered the intake manifolds and the carb linkage. I also have the aluminum wire for welding the Gen/Alt base. Things are coming together good.

2-13-04 - I'm still working on the motor. Right now I have the Gen/Alt stand cut and I am waiting to weld it. Once that's done, things will go more quickly. I'm looking into manifolds and a linkage from CB Performance too. I'm probably going to get the fan shroud soon to modify. And I'm thinking about/designing a cheap exhaust till I can make/get the one that I want. Check back soon.


1-3-03 - This is going to be the page where I talk about my conversion motor that I am working on. It will be under construction for a while so check back often.

12-9-03 - I have bought, received, and rebuilt a pair of Dellorto 40 carbs. They look great and they should run even better. Haven't had much time to update lately because of studying for finals.

11-1-03 - Removed the casting flash from the top of the cylinders. Used a disc grinder, went a whole lot faster than the  file I was using before. I found out about this after I had the cylinders installed or I would have done the bottom of them too. What this is supposed to do is to let the air flow easier so the engine cools better.

10-11-03 - Got the 050 distributor and clamp from today. They fit good and look great. I also installed the electronic ignition that I bought. It's the Pertronix brand, most people said they liked it, I'll let you know what I think.


9-27-03 - Got new sparkplugs and oil filter today. Lookin' Good.

9-26-03 - The endplay is set (.004 in). Glad to get that done. The flywheel is on (obviously), and the pressure plate and clutch too.

9-21-03 - There are new pictures up now, finally. I'm trying to set the endplay on the flywheel now.

9-19-03 - Got the 2&4 side stuff on today. Looks good.

9-15-03 - Put the Pushrod tubes on, pushrods, and rocker arms on the 1&3 side of the engine.

9-13-03 - Got the heads on today. They went on easy enough. The valve train looks good to. Just to note, the oil     strainer is in too.

9-12-03 - I got the heads today, they look good. They are the 1.8L type. 


7-22-03 - Got the pistons and cylinders back on, looks great.

7-21-03 - I've been on vacation so nothing has been done in the last week. But now I have the case together and some of the drains and plugs back together. I'm gonna do the pistons and cylinders next.

7-10-03 - I have the crank, rods, and cam back together and in the case half. Starting to look like an engine.

7-9-03 - I pressure washed the two case halves today.

7-8-03 - I got the parts back from the shop where the parts were being balanced and getting new bearings.


6-5-03 - I got the pulley and flywheel back from the machine shop today. They look great.

6-4-03 - Sent the pulley and flywheel to the machine shop to get them fixed for the T4 conversion.


5-5-03 - I've had my bug four years! I got the 96mm pistons and cylinders for the engine today to make it a 2056 (someone correct me if I'm wrong).


4-24-03 - I just got the cam and lifters I ordered from It's a webcam 86 grind I think. It should work well, I'll find out when I get it running.

4-10-03 - I'm looking into what cam I should get. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

4-3-03 - I have split the case now and are starting to check things out in there.


3-28-03 - Now have the left head, P/C's off, and am degreasing it.

3-27-03 - Got the rocker arms, pushrods, right head, right P/C's, and flywheel off.

3-26-03 - I just got a type 4 to use in a conversion for the bug. It's a 2.0 L so it will add some pep when driving. Any info for this will be in Red.